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Bolaras Stemware Name Tags - Blank - (48 Tags)

Bolaras Stemware Name Tags - Blank - (48 Tags)

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Keep your drink from being picked up and enjoyed by other people by labeling your glass with a disposable stemware name tag from Bolaras.

If you love hosting parties, events, or even wine tastings, you’ve probably heard “is this glass mine” about a million times. We want to make it easier for people to keep track of their wine or cocktail glass and prevent wasted wine or accidental sharing with our high-quality, easy-to-use stemware name tags. Designed to be labeled with your name or other specific information, these DIY drinkware name tags simply slide over the long stem of the glass and push to the bottom. This makes it easier to know which glass belongs to which person when you’ve got a lot of guests to manage. Better yet, it offers a universal fit thanks to a wide center cutout, so you can use it with all types of long-stem glassware, champagne flutes, wine glasses, and more.

Product Details:

  • Stemware Drink Name Tags (48-Count)
  • Thick, Durable 250 GSM Paper Cardstock
  • Writable Surface for DIY Customization
  • Stylish Geometric Pattern
  • Pre-Cut Slide for Easy Slide-On Use
  • Overall Diameter: 2.75” (Each)
  • Disposable and Recyclable


Make it easier to know which glass is yours and prevent people from accidentally sharing by labeling each one with a name, nickname, or identifiable information by sliding on a DIY drink name tag from Bolaras.

  • Premium Stem Name Tags – A smart, simple way to keep an eye on your drink, these drink name tags let you add a specific name, nickname, or other info and then slide around a long-stemmed cocktail or wine glass at the base to keep them separated.
  • Decorative Cardstock Design – Bolaras wine glass tags feature a unique geometric-style pattern that really enhances the look of your party, event, or glassware while letting you create a more warm, welcoming experience for everyone in attendance.
  • High-Quality Disposable Paper – Our drink name tags for party and event use are made with thick 250 GSM cardstock, so they don’t easily break down with glass condensation, so you can continue to use them every time you fill it back up.
  • Quick and Easy Application – Each of our blank stemware tags already has a pre-cut design which means you simply need to slide it around the glass stem and then push it to the bottom to keep it out of the way but easy to see.
  • Convenient 48-Count Bulk Pack – We’ve included 48 individual drink nametags in every bundle, making them perfect for baby showers, birthday parties, wedding receptions, bachelorette events, wine-tasting events, and other social gatherings.



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